CMP Hacrux black
CMP Hacrux black
CMP Hacrux black
CMP Hacrux black
CMP Hacrux black
CMP Hacrux black
CMP Hacrux Snow Boots - Black, 41

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After-ski snow boot, also perfect for trekking on snowy ground thanks to waterproof TPR galosh and technical-look upper in action leather and ripstop nylon. The fleece lining and CLIMA PROTECT waterproof membrane guarantee warmth and comfort. Special CMP full on grip technology also gives outstanding hold on any terrain.

30Q4567_U901- black, 41
Shoe Size

Product Description

CLIMAPROTECT waterproof membrane Waterproof TPR galosh Action leather and ripstop nylon upper Fleece lining for greater warmth EVA midsole and versatile CMP FullOn GRIP sole suited to different kinds of terrain Upper: Action Leather"" Upper: Ripstop Upper: TPR Lining: Fleece Lining: CLIMA PROTECT Insole: Fleece Insole: EVA Midsole: EVA Outsole: Rubber CMP FullOn GRIP CLPR CMPFUL Upper Elastodiene: 40% Polyester: 30% Polyurethane Fiber: 30% Inside Polyester: 100% Sole Other Materials: 100%

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